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JQRacing BLACK Edition Nitro Buggy

JQRacing BLACK Edition 1/8 Nitro Buggy

Coming soon from Joseph Quagraine and the JQ Racing crew is the Black Edition 1/8th scale nitro buggy kit. Joseph is known for having a unique take on everything, such is the announcement for the BLACK Edition buggy with the word of the day being “optimized”. In the official PR, Joseph uses the word optimized for pretty much everything, including the release date of April 1st. JQ managed to make the press release interesting and fun, hopefully a good sign on how the BLACK Edition buggy has turned out. Here are some details on the new buggy-

* Longer wheelbase
* Improved flex characteristics
* Designed for increased clutchbell clearance
* Long lasting rear skid plate
* Crash resistant hingepins
* Harder front & rear arms
* Change in caster angle for improved handling
* New king pin inclination angle for better steering
* New steel Ackermann plate bushings
* Version 2.0 Ackermann plate
* Unique looking laser etching
* New Italian made body

The BLACK Edition buggy is available for pre-order right now with pricing of $549. You can get more details over on JQ’s Website or you can Click Right Here for more JQ news on BigSquidRC.


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