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JR Ninja 400MR quadcopter

JR Ninja 400MR 3D Quadcopter

While most quads are designed to either learn to fly with or to take videos, the Ninja 400MR from JR is made for “Holy Cow!” performance. The Ninja is an aerobatic 3D quadcopter that is capable of high speeds and crazy air maneuvers. Its fixed pitch propellers were designed to reverse direction quickly, giving it agility that most other quads can’t even dream about.

The Ninja comes in two different configurations, a kit that has a part number of #JRP988357 and a street price of $419, and a kit combo with a JR XG6 TX/RX that has a part number of #JRP9883571 and a street price of $629. Both are available right now and you can get full details over on the Official JR Website.

Want to learn more about quadcopters? Check out This Link on BigSquidRC.


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