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Traxxas Leap Day Challenge RC

Just Send It – Traxxas Leap Day Challenge!!!

Here is a great idea to help celebrate Leap Day. The folks over at Traxxas have announced a Leap Day Challenge! The Leap Day Challenge invites you to share your biggest Traxxas jumps by using the #TraxxasLeap on your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter posts. The Traxxas crew will look them over and pick some to share on Leap Day.

Traxxas posted a video (shown below) to give you Traxxas drivers some inspiration. Have fun going big, but the folks at Traxxas (as well as us here at BigSquidRC) want to remind you to Please Leap Responsibly.

To get more details on the Traxxas Leap Day Challenge, simply click the link.

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Traxxas Leap Day Challenge 2/29/20

Let’s see your Traxxas cars flying through the air 😱 —> 🚨

Leap Day only comes around once every four years, so post away using #TraxxasLEAP and we'll pick out our favorites to share on the big day!

**Please leap responsibly.

Posted by Traxxas on Tuesday, February 25, 2020

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