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Kali Crawlerwerx The Box

Kali Crawlerwerx “The Box” RC Stand

Kali Crawlerwerx is launching its brand with a selection of display and work stands for R/C crawlers. If you’re looking for versatility, The Box might be the perfect display base for you.

Handcrafted from wood, The Box offers a rustic, natural way to display and work on your crawler when you’re not out on the trail. Two finish styles are available to choose from (RUSTic Stain and Clear Poly), so you can choose the right look for your rig.

If you want to take things to the next level, Kali Crawlerwerx also offers add-ons for The Box. Each of these items adds to the utility of this piece, expanding it from a simple R/C crawler stand to a parts tray, storage compartment, and tool holder.

Kali Crawlerwerx Accessories for The Box:

Priced at $20.99, The Box and its lineup of accessories are available for purchase at

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