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Keep Your Workbench Tidy with Xceed’s Aluminum Tool Stand

If you’re like me, maintaining a tidy workbench can be a neverending struggle. Between parts, tools, and in-progress projects, there are times when my workspace can be mistaken for a junkyard. If you need help wrangling your R/C tools, Xceed has something to help you keep everything under control.

The Xceed Aluminum Tool Stand (#106510) is a slim, lightweight compartment for many of your workbench-dwelling tools. With over a dozen spots for hex drivers, body reamers, scissors, pliers, and more, this tool stand won’t take up much room and will keep many of your tools in an easy-to-find location.

Priced at $32.00, the Xceed Aluminum Tool Stand is available for purchase at

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Posted by in New Products on Wednesday, January 27th, 2021 at 10:35 am