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Kershaw Designs shows off a bunch of new stuff

Dan Fischer from Kershaw Designs dropped by the RC Driver Live show today to show off a bunch of new products and custom rigs. The biggest news from the show is Kershaw’s new Baja 5B/5T dedicated brushless chassis. The new chassis is going to be distributed through TGN Distributing. According to Dan it’s going to be a relatively easy swap, just take the front and rear ends off your 5B and bolt them straight on to the new brushless chassis. One of the big advantages over using a normal brushless conversion is the weight. This new chassis will shave over a pound off the total weight.

Dan also took the time to show off their 1/5 scale brushless buggy, the Grenadier III (top pic of this post). It features a 4wd drive train that can easily be converted to 2wd and you have a choice of using a E-Revo transmission with 2 speed option or a Savage transmission with 3 speed standard and a reverse option. You can expect to pay around 900 bigguns for this and the wait is three to four months. Check out the product page on the Kershaw site for more info about this buggy.

Click through after the break for the video. And be sure to keep an eye on the TGN web site and the Kershaw Designs web site for more info.

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