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Kinexsis Brushless Motor ESC Combo

Kinexsis 1/10 4-Pole ESC/Motor Combos

Looking for an inexpensive brushless system? If so, have a look at the new brushless ESC/Motor Combos from Kinexsis. The Kinexsis brushless combos come with a 540 sized motor and were designed to work in 1/10th scale vehicles. The ESC is waterproof and is rated for 70 amps, while the motors are a sensorless 4 pole design for more torque.

* Choice of 4,000 or 3,000kV motor
* Motors have standard 1/8 output shaft
* Motors have 3.5mm bullet connectors
* ESC comes pre-soldered with EC3 connector
* ESC comes with LiPo cut-off
* Max cell count on ESC is 3S LiPo
* ESC has cooling fan
* Compact footprint for an easy install in tight spaces

Each system is street priced at $74 and the part number for the 4,000kV version is #KXSS0501, while the part number for the 3,000kV version is #KXSS0500. To get more details simply hit This Link.

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