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KISS FC 32bit Flight Controller from

Until recently, almost every single FPV racing flight controller worth it’s salt utilized the ubiquitous CleanFlight firmware. All though the CleanFlight firmware is very capable and user-friendly (even spawning community-generated variations like the awesome BetaFlight), it leaves a lot to be desired. Given minor little annoyances like constant driver issues on PC, as well as more glaring problems such as random and oft-unexplained freak-outs from you quadcopter in mid-flight, it’s time for something new.

Enter the KISS FC 32bit Flight Controller from the brilliant minds over at Designed from the ground up to be a stable, powerful, modern and simple flight controller, the KISS was developed hand in hand with many of the top pilots from around the world to be the best in it’s class. The graphical user interface (or GUI) used to set up and tune the KISS is incredibly clean and user-friendly and tuning the flight controller is a breeze.

The KISS FC utilizes the latest and greatest in F3 processing hardware, has an industry-standard mounting hole pattern, can accept 2-6 cell lipo power, supports nearly every single receiver protocol under the sun (PPM, SBUS, Spectrum SAT, Multiplex, PWM, etc.) and sports an incredibly clean layout with solder pads instead of pins, among a whole host of other cool features.

You can check out some more specs and features on the FlyDuino homepage right here as well.

Currently being put through it’s paces by world-class pilots such as Mr. Steele and FinalGlideAUS (last year’s Drone Nationals Champion), the KISS FC is already proving to be the weapon of choice for the best freestyle and race pilots in the world.

With an MSRP of $39.17, the KISS FC is available directly from FlyDuino right here, but is currently showing as out of stock. This is no surprise considering the popularity of this piece of kit thus far! When available, they sell out almost immediately. So if you want to get your hands on one, keep checking back.

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