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KO Propo EX-2

KO Propo EX-2 KIY Radio System

KO Propo has announced the latest addition to their radio line-up, the EX-2 KIY. The EX-2 isn’t intended to replace the more high-end EX-1, instead it is aimed at intermediate level drivers. Some of the highlights of the EX-2 include-

* 2.7″ LCD display that can be rotated
* 4 channels
* K.I.Y. parts compatible
* Dual 2.4GHz output with FHSS and MHS for Mini-Zs
* Adjustable 3D trigger feature
* Comes with KR-241FH receiver

The EX-2 will be street priced at $245, has a part number of #80561, and Right Here is the link to full details over on KO’s official website.

Find more KO news at This Link on BigSquidRC.


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