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Kyosho Blizzard iReceiver

Kyosho 1:12 EP Blizzard SR with WIFI iReceiver

Kyosho Blizzard iReceiver
Kyosho has announced a new version of their Blizzard Search & Rescue that uses their iReceiver technology. This iReceiver equipped Blizzard comes with an on-board camera & control system that allows you to drive the unit entirely from your smartphone or tablet. Imagine viewing the live on-board images on your smartphone, while you tilt your phone to make it change directions, pretty cool stuff. To use the iReceiver system you will need a smartphone, tablet or PDA on 7 iOS or Android from 4.2.2.

The Kyosho iReceiver Blizzard SR has a part number of #30987 and is said to start shipping in May.

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