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Kyosho Inferno 30th Anniversary

Kyosho Celebrates 30 Year Anniversary of the Inferno!

Over at Kyosho they are celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Infero Buggy. The 1/8th scaled, nitro powered Inferno has been a dominant force in the 8th scale world since its inception. From winning world championships across the globe, to endless hours of backyard bashing, the Kyosho Inferno is the definition of the word legendary.

Back in 2000, the BigSquidRC Bash Crew was in Las Vegas, Nevada during the IFMAR world championships. We got to see Yuichi Kanai work his way around a huge, yet completely bombed out track, to finally get the win. While other buggies were literally falling apart during the races, thanks to an insanely rough track, the Infernos were out front showing the pack what real durability and design was all about. It was at that point that a couple of our testers starting bashing Infernos to check them out, and we were amazed with the Inferno’s engineering and drive characteristics. Today, even after all these years, the Inferno is still at the top of the heap, battling for 8th scale supremacy.

To learn more about the legacy of the Inferno, use this link to make the jump over to the official Kyosho Website. Also, you can use This Link to read more Kyosho news on BigSquidRC.


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