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Kyosho Mini-z Moto Racer unboxing and video

BS-Mini-z Moto (1)(6)


The Kyosho Mini-Z Moto Racer bikes finally came out last week and I eagerly picked up 4 of them to add to the Chicago Mini R/C fleet.


What you get inside the box is the new KT-19 transmitter, the motorcycle itself (assembled and ready to run), a USB charger (mini-USB on the charger, standard USB on the power side), a 120mah 1 cell 20c lipo, plastic tweezers, and an allen wrench for adjusting the front forks.

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Detail on the bike is great!  The side bars don’t take away from the looks too much. They are not removable.

BS-Mini-z Moto (19)(6)BS-Mini-z Moto (20)(6)BS-Mini-z Moto (16)(6)BS-Mini-z Moto (17)(6)


Getting a little closer we take the rider off and get a shot of the tank detail, front and rear end.  You’ve got a cast wheel up front.  Would it have been cool if it was actually a little mini chain drive rear end?  Of course!   Does the fact that it isn’t rob from the looks?  Not really.

BS-Mini-z Moto (5)(6)BS-Mini-z Moto (6)(6)BS-Mini-z Moto (15)(6)BS-Mini-z Moto (14)(6)


Kyosho is using standard mini servo for the front.  The battery door clips in.  A quick test to see if one of the many mini-lipos I had would fit resulted in failure.  The kyosho battery doesn’t have the plastic end cap and shaving down the fins on 2 of mine couldn’t get it too fit.  Some folks are taking the plastic end caps off on their own but I’ve been too nervous to try it myself.

BS-Mini-z Moto (13)(6)BS-Mini-z Moto (4)(6)BS-Mini-z Moto (3)(6)BS-Mini-z Moto (2)(6)


The new KT-19 FHSS 2.4ghz radio system is styled after the KT-18 we’ve been using for Mini-z and dNaNo vehicles.  They’ve integrated a stand now.  Adjustments include Low and High speed gyro adjustments as well as steering trim.  4 AAA batteries are used to power the radio and they retain the “magazine” loading style of the battery tray.

BS-Mini-z Moto (9)(6)BS-Mini-z Moto (10)(6)BS-Mini-z Moto (7)(6)BS-Mini-z Moto (11)(6)


Finally, our unboxing video and some running in the store, our RCP track (I need lots of practice) and some pavement running outside.  A quick note from most everyone who saw it run, it’s surprisingly fast!  More details also available on Kyosho’s website.


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