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Kyosho Ultima DB

Kyosho ultima db Kyosho ultima db
Check out a few pictures of this new 1:9 scale (that’s not a typo, they are saying 1/9th scale) ride from Kyosho called the Ultima DB. The DB stands for Dune Buggy, and is influenced by the actual buggies raced in the Baha area. The chassis is based on the Ultima SC and is stretched enough to be considered a 1/9th scale vehicle! It comes RTR and is supposed to be race ready. I’m not sure if these will catch on or not, but it is cool to see Kyosho trying another direction in the new realism craze that seems to of helped the short course trucks take off.

You can hit the Kyosho America site for more details.

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Posted by in Kyosho, Kyosho Ultima DB on Monday, January 11th, 2010 at 10:08 am