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Kyosho Ultima RB7

Kyosho Ultima RB7 Race Buggy Kit

Kyosho has just announced a new flagship 1/10th race buggy called the RB7. The RB7 is based off the RB6.6, but features a number of updates to make the RB7 even faster and more consistent.

* 4mm shorter wheelbase
* Lightened main chassis
* New aero body w/ high downforce wing
* New arms and knuckles
* Lowdown mid-ship layout
* Fits shorty packs
* Tungsten diff balls
* Large slipper clutch
* Gun metal anodized aluminum parts
* Can be converted to rear motor, 3-gear mid-ship, or 4-gear mid-ship

The new RB7 is slated to start shipping in August with a part number of #34303. Use This Link to get full details, or Click Here to read more Kyosho news on Big Squid.


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