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Latrax hop-ups

LaTrax Rally Car Premium Racing Accessories

LaTrax Premium Racing Accessories hop ups
Right out of the gate LaTrax has announced a full line-up of go fast goodies for their new Rally Car. Some of the hop-ups are mainly for bling, while others like the bearing set should be a “must have” for the car. The performance accessories announced by LaTrax include-

#7573X 12 spoke mirror chrome wheels (red, blue, black and chrome) $11/pr
#7550R Aluminum drive shafts $14/pr
#7537X Aluminum front/rear shock towers $23
#7590 Aluminum motor plate $7
#7555X Center drive-shaft $25
#7560 Aluminum oil shocks $30
#7541X Bearing set $15
#7579 One way diff $5
#7581 Blue anodized spool $14
#7580 Ball diff $18
Carbon fiber chassis

To get more information on these and on everything LaTrax, simply click THIS LINK.

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