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Le ole’ Cub El’ Reporto – Scud Missiling Foward…

Hey folks, isn’t rc a wonderful hobby? Heck yes it is! That’s why you and I are both here. THE Cub Report is pretty much a weekly smorgasbord of rc talk, but this week is gonna be industry focused. If you are a consumer, you can just tune out (but that wouldn’t be any fun, LOL), or you can keep scrolling to see what’s up.

A few weeks ago I hucked out the idea of “summit” of sorts for all us rc media types at the 2018 edition of the Rocky Mountain Hobby Expo. If I can somehow talk some of you guys out west, it would give the show an insane amount of coverage (which is what shows are for), plus we can all sit down and shoot the bull. If we can get enough of you animals to commit to showing up, we’ll even buy the food and drink, and like who is gonna pass up free good and drink?

Why should we have a media sit down? To help each other become better and grow. Period. Nothing more, nothing less. If BigSquidRC has learned a bunch of lessons (which we have), we can pass that info to you to help your site get bigger. Well and, we know all you media sources have learned valuable lessons along the way as well, that, if you really want rc to rebound, would be awesome if you would share with others. For example, maybe we know some Facebook tricks that you don’t, but you know some YouTube tricks that we’ve never heard about. Another example I can huck out there, BigSquidRC hits a lot of shows and such, many of which smaller sites simply can’t afford to attend. Maybe we send your site some pics of some event we are covering to help you get more traffic, in exchange for pics from an event that you attend that we could not. There are a millions ways we can help each other, and in turn, help the hobby keep it doors open.

Now, I know that “idea” is totally NOT the old school media standard, but IMO the current state of our industry is such that we need to break some traditional “rules of conduct” to help the overall health of the hobby. Seriously guys, as I see it, we either help each other and hopefully make some traction, or this ship keeps heading the direction it is now, and None of us want to see that.

So, how about it HobbyMedia guys? We would love to see you in person in Denver, but we know you are from Italy, so it is quite the haul for you (we seriously hope to meet you in Germany in 2019 though). How about it Greg over at RCDriver? We are huge fans of your work, and would love to hang out in Denver with you and your crew. LiveRC guys? We know the Denver show is about as far as you can get from the racing scene, but you guys do a fantastic job and we would like to actually get to know you guys. RCMonkey guys, yup, you are from Japan, but I can assure you that Denver will be an EPIC time. RedRC guys, you crush it on the daily and obviously have your act together, we know we can come up with some awesome collab of some sort with you. Then there are YouTubers like HemiStorm crushing it on the video side that I just know would be insane to work on some crazy project. And I can’t forget all you big Facebook group guys like the ARRMA ARRMY, the TRX-4 forum guys, etc. We have so many great people working in media in this industry, we need to take advantage of that to get our hobby turned back around.

Now, I don’t expect many media types to show up. However, for those that do, there is going to be a lot of information exchanged, and hopefully, valuable info at that. But more importantly, we can talk day after day after day via email, but nobody is gonna let loose of the good info if they don’t truly know you, and that means meeting face to face, shaking hands, learning about your wife and kids, etc. The same exact thing can be said about potential advertisers. If they don’t actually know you (read- talked to you in person and actually gotten to know you), it is a million times harder for them to cut you a check for advertising. Would you give me any money if you had never met me face to face? Me neither.

So ya, I wasted a perfectly good Cub Report begging my competition to come hang out so that I can help them overtake us. LOL. Not exactly a wise business plan, but our hobby needs US right now, and I am willing to do whatever I can to help turn this big ole’ bus around….

Need info on attending the 2018 Denver Hobby Expo? Hit This Link.

Until next week get out and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

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