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REEFS RC Gyro Install and Setup - Video

Learn How to Install and Set Up Your REEFS RC Gyro [Video]

The folks at REEFS RC have made a name for themselves with steering and winch servos, but now, they’re making a name for themselves with their Drift Gyro. Released earlier this year, the REEFS RC Drift Gyro is a compact, lightweight option to help you control your R/C drift car (or truck).

If you’re new to drifting or REEFS products, they’ve put together a helpful video that walks you through the installation process for the Drift Gyro. Beyond the installation, this video demonstrates how to set up and tune the gyro for optimal performance.

The REEFS RC Drift Gyro is $55.99 and can be purchased through REEFS and their dealers. Visit to learn more about their Drift Gyro.

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Posted by in video on Thursday, August 3rd, 2023 at 10:48 am