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Lipo Shootout 2 – Mod Truck Performance

LiPo Shootout 2 – In Truck Performance Testing Modified Motor
Our test was fairly simple – get 3 drivers of different ability and styles, and have them rate each pack from their favorite down to the one they would least like to drive. For the Li-po Shootout 2, all the driving was done at Deweys RC in Springfield Illinois. Deweys RC is an indoor, dirt, off road track. Some of the testers wanted to run transponders and compare lap times between the packs, but this is BigSquidRC, not BigRcRacer, so we ended up going strictly by just how fast each pack felt on the trigger. A Traxxas Slash was used for this test, and it was running a Novak speedo and Novak 8.5 motor. The motor was allowed to cool between each pack so that each pack was hitting the track with a motor capable of the same power output. This was also a “blind” test, none of the drivers knew what brand of battery was installed while they were driving. All three of our testers were real troopers, and were committed to eliminating all prejudice and reporting exactly what they felt, not what they thought they felt. Drivers did not converse among each other so as to not bias anyone else. We did not do a “stock” class driving impression this time around, partially to save time, partially because it was very difficult for the test drivers to tell the differences in packs on a stock motor during the first shootout.

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Remember: The tests are all scored by points, lowest to highest. The lower the score the better, like a game of golf.

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