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LiPo Battery Charger Shootout

Welcome all to Big Squid RC’s first Battery Charger Shootout! Since our Lipo Battery Shootouts have been so popular, it seemed like the next logical step would be to find the best charger for those batteries.

LiPo Battery charger shootout When we first started talking about how we wanted to do this shootout, everyone was unanimous about keeping it simple! We didn’t want to go and do full giant reviews on every charger because nobody wants to read that much. Everyone always skips to the results anyway. LOL.
The following are things that we thought were important, and things that we would want to know if we were looking at buying a new charger. These things that we decided are important to us, may not be all that important to you, so we try to give enough information about each charger to allow you to make your own decisions based on your own needs.

The companies and chargers that participated are:
Team Checkpoint TC1030 Pro Charger
Duratrax Onyx 230
FMA Direct CellPro 10s Charger
Venom Pro Charger Plus
Hyperion 720i NET3
Hyperion 615i DUO3

In the near future we may break down and do individual reviews of each charger, as they all deserve their own. Every charger here has a ton of features that we didn’t test or include in the shootout for the sake of not writing a book.

Thanks to all the companies that helped and participated in this shootout. We are grateful that you were all brave enough to be a part of our first charger shootout, and that alone is worth something.

Here are the 9 different sets of criteria we used to rate each charger.

1. Price
2. Heat Sensors
3. Speed and Mah
4. Multi Pack Charging
5. Model Memory
6. Discharge Mode
7. Charge AMPS
8. Balancer and AC/DC
9. The Interface

Final Results and thoughts! Hey, don’t just skip to here! Start at the beginning below!

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