For Bashers, By Bashers!

Charger Shootout – Balancer and AC/DC

Included Balancer and AC/DC
All the chargers have an ability to allow balancing of the packs/cells. The Onyx and Checkpoint do it through an additional interface box you can buy, the others just need the included interface cable. While as bashers, we don’t always use the balance capabilities, it is probably a good idea to toss your pack on the balancer after several runs just to keep things in check.

Hobbico 12v Power Supply AC/DC ability is a pretty important thing to think about. Without the ability to run the charger off a AC interface (plug it into the wall) you’re stuck with needing a power supply. This means additional cost (We used the Hobbico 12v supply for testing, $74) and something else to have to carry around with you, so keep that in mind when you are thinking about a new charger.

PointsManufacturer/ChargerBalancer Included
1Hyperion 720iyes
1Hyperion 615i Duoyes
1Venom Pro Plusyes
1FMA CellPro 10Syes
5Team Checkpoint TC1030no
5Duratrax Onyx 220no

1Venom Pro PlusAC/DC
1Duratrax Onyx 220AC/DC
3Hyperion 720iDC
3Hyperion 615i DuoDC
3FMA CellPro 10SDC
3Team Checkpoint TC1030DC

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