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LiPo Battery Shootout 3! 4S Edition

Welcome everyone to the Big Squid RC’s third Li-po Battery Shootout! After the success of the first two shootouts, you knew that had to be a third right?

Don’t forget to check out our FIRST Li-Po Battery shootout RIGHT HERE, and the second one HERE.

LiPo Battery

So after the second shootout, the emails started pouring in about what we should do for the third. There was an overwhelming request for 4S packs. With the popularity of bigger electric vehicles like trucks, truggys and 8th scale buggys, it’s seemed like the next logical step to us as well, so that what we decided to test.

When we first started to check out what was available in the 4S market, there really wasn’t a ton of companies meeting our criteria. We were looking for a pack that was in a hard case, and a pack we would be interested in using with our 1/8th scale buggies. If this was another 2S test, we’d have 100’s of choices, but hard case 4s packs were a little harder to come by.

Another popular email from our readers was to throw a bigger load on these packs during our “discharge under load” tests. Well, ask and you shall receive! This time around we got our hands on a West Mountain CBA and AMP. (Watch for a full review of this beast coming soon!)

With that said, sit back, enjoy, and may the best pack win.

The companies and packs that participated are:
Team Checkpoint 5400mah 35c
ACE Acepow Electronics 5000mah 40c
Thunder Power RC 5300mah 65c
Venom Group RC 5000mah 50c
Turnigy 4500mah 40c

Thanks to all the companies for supporting our tests! We couldn’t do these without your help. When you go out to order these packs, make sure to tell them you saw it in the Lipo shoot out on Big Squid RC. This way you can make sure you are getting the same pack we tested with.

Here are the different criteria we used to rate each battery pack.

1. Capacity
2. Top Speed
3. Voltage Under Load
4. Weight
5. Price
6. In Buggy Performance
7. Fit in a 8th scale buggy

Final Results! This link is for reference later, don’t just go skipping to the end of a good story! Start at the beginning below.

Lets see the Capacity Test! Click HERE.