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Lipo Shootout 3 – Fit Test

BigSquidRC 4S Lipo Battery Shootout- Fit Test
Some people might take a battery fitting properly for granted, but for those of you that have laid down hard earned cash only to find the battery you just purchased won’t fit in your car, you know it’s perhaps the most important feature. We here at BigSquid recognize fit as being the first priority in a battery pack.

All the batteries in our 4S Lipo shootout fit our test Hot Bodies Ve8 without issue, therefore we are rewarding all of them with first place points. All the packs were also test fit in an Associated RC8E, once again without issue. But please keep in mind, there are a lot of different 8th scale conversions on the market, so we can not promise that each of these will fit in your application.

Of note, all the packs in the shootout, except for one, ran both their balance wires and primary wires out their top front. The other pack, the CheckPoint, ran it’s wires out the side, but that didn’t prove to be an issue for fit in any car we tested it in.

So the winner of the Fit category is- All of’em!

PointsManufacturer/BatteryFit Ve8
1Checkpoint 5400good
1Thunder Power 5300good
1ACE 5000good
1Turnigy 4500good
1Venom 5000good

Remember: The tests are all scored by points, lowest to highest. The lower the score the better, like a game of golf.

LiPo Battery LiPo Battery LiPo Battery

LiPo Battery LiPo Battery

It’s time for the RESULTS! Click HERE.