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Lipo Shootout 3 – Price Comparison

BigSquidRC 4S Lipo Battery Shootout- Price
We can do all kinds of esoteric tests, but for many buyers they only look at one thing, PRICE. And yes, while some consumers have a limitless checkbook, most don’t, therefore we reward the win in this category to the battery that can be purchased at the lowest price.

Perhaps price is the single most important category of the shootout, yet you would think it would be the easiest to judge, but think again. Multiple prices of these batteries can be found all over the net and retail world. Whenever possible, we used the price off of Tower Hobbies, as Tower tends to be close to “street price” for most products. When a battery was not listed on Tower, we resorted to Google and/or the manufactures website. The prices we list below are our best shot at listing a true street price as of November 2010.

PointsManufacturer/BatteryPrice in Dollars
1Turnigy 4500$39.99
2ACE 5000$66.76
3Checkpoint 5400$174.99
4Venom 5000$179.99
5Thunder Power 5300$259.99

Remember: The tests are all scored by points, lowest to highest. The lower the score the better, like a game of golf.

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