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Lipo Shootout 3 – Weight Comparisons

BigSquidRC 4S Lipo Battery Shootout- Weight

LiPo Battery While some may argue that a heavier weight battery is a positive on track (for greater mechanical grip), and that a heavier battery pack eludes to better quality, I’d argue that a lighter pack at the same power output is always better. Lighter packs with the same output give you a better power to weight ratio, resulting in quicker acceleration and shorter stopping distances. I’d also argue that a lighter weight pack gives you the freedom to put additional weight in the spots that would be most beneficial for your handling. While power output is measured in other test categories, we feel that weight is important enough to have it’s own.

With that said, we award the best score for the battery pack that weighs the least. Each pack was weighed track-ready with a Traxxas connector. Once again we used our Pelouze SP5 to take the measurements. Each pack was weighed twice to ensure accuracy. Here’s how they stacked up.

PointsManufacturer/BatteryWeight in Grams
1Turnigy 4500530
2Venom 5000562
3ACE 5000563
4Thunder Power 5300583
5Checkpoint 5400617

As you can see, the Turnigy took the win with the lowest weight, but you can also see that the packs fell right into order, the higher the capacity, the more they weighed. Just 87 grams (3.06 oz) separated the heaviest pack from the lightest, much less than a 20% difference.

Remember: The tests are all scored by points, lowest to highest. The lower the score the better, like a game of golf.

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