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LIT Pro Advanced Training Tool

LIT Pro Advanced Training Tool

What is a LIT Pro, what does it have to do with rc, and why would you want one?

First off, the LIT Pro is an advanced training tool that was designed to fit on a motocross rider’s helmet. It captures data like speed, height, location, and g-forces. For us rc enthusiasts, that sort of information can come in handy, whether we are doing laps at the local track, making high speed passes, or going for long jump records at the local park. It is basically nex-gen telemetry that is said to be more accurate and easier to use than its competitors.

To see for yourself what type of data it can provide, check out the video below of K-Roc doing a huge quad at Pala Raceways in Southern California. At the end of the video it shows exactly how far Ken jumped, how high he got, how long he was in the air, his take-off speed, and his landing speed. That is some pretty cool information to know, whether it be of a rider on a motocross track, or a remote control monster truck hitting ramps at a local park.

The LIT Pro has not hit the market yet, but it is slated to start shipping some time next month. No pricing information has been released, but you can hit up This Link to check out the official LIT Pro website.


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