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LGRP SCX24 Motors

Little Guy Racing Parts Releases its Own Line of Motors for the SCX24

If you’re planning to overhaul an Axial SCX24, there’s a new motor option to check out from the folks at Little Guy Racing Parts. The small-scale tire and wheel gurus are trying their hand at the power game with a lineup of three brushed motors.

Depending on your needs, you should be able to find a motor that best suits them. If you want the same power output as a stock SCX24, there’s the Lil’ Rocket 030 88T. For something with a little more torque, the Reaper 050 66T might be the motor for you. Finally, there’s the Predator 050 50T motor, which offers the most torque of the group.

Each of these motors includes a pre-soldered wire harness and a pinion gear. The two 050-sized motors also include a motor plate. The entire Little Guy Racing Parts 1/24-scale motor lineup is rated for 7.4V, making these excellent options for simple motor swaps.

LGRP SCX24 Motor Pricing:

  • Predator 50T – $11.99
  • Reaper 66T – $8.99
  • Lil’ Rocket 88T – $7.80

All of these motor options will be available for purchase online at

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