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Losi 5th Scale Monster Truck XL RTR

Losi 1/5 Monster Truck XL RTR With AVC

Wow, talk about big and mean, have a look at the new 1/5 Monster Truck XL from Losi! The Monster Truck XL is a gas powered beast designed to crush cars and catch big air. The Monster Truck XL comes ready-to-run, making it fast and easy to go from the box to your local bash spot, and is powered by a powerful 29cc Dynamite 2 stroke engine. For advanced control, Spektrum’s AVC stability control system comes standard, while dual high torque large-scale high voltage steering servos make sure the front wheels are always pointed where you want them to be.

* Length- 35.75″ (!!!!!)
* Weight- 37.1 lbs (!!!!)
* Wheelbase- 25.25″
* Width- 26.25″
* Tire Diameter- 8.875″
* 6061-T6 4mm thick aluminum chassis
* Aluminum front spindles
* Large bore threaded shocks
* Dual disc brakes
* Sealed viscous diffs

The Losi Monster Truck XL is street priced at $1299, it has a part number of #LOS05009T2 for white and #LOS05009T1 for black, and they are expected to start shipping in June. Want more details? Of course you do, so just hit up This Link over on the official Losi website.

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