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Losing grip – drifters: like babies

A week ago MST released official pictures of their latest premium offering, the MST FXX 2.0 KMW. It is very, very premium indeed. Apart from the rod ends, it’s pretty much nothing but anodized aluminum and carbon fibre. It just doesn’t get any more shiny than this, it is a true feast for the eyes. Not to mention that the adjustment possibilities are endless. And as the icing on the cake, it is a limited edition. If you get one, it’s highly likely that you will be the sole, privileged owner among your friends. Exactly how many units will be produced, has not yet been anounced.

For all this mezmerising exclusiveness, you will only have to pay nine hundred and ninety-nine dollars. Once that is paid, you can then rest your eyes on the resting chassis, cause it ain’t going nowhere. After having added a motor, ESC, gyro and wheels, you’ll be looking at some fourteen hundred dollars – you wouldn’t want budget electronics in a chassis like this. That’s crazy! What is this thing with drifters and bling? How much of it is about the actual functionality of aluminum upgrades, and how much is about just showing off at the car stand?

The closest thing in the crawler world would be a Vanquish VS4-10 Origin, a wonderful piece of engineering that is no longer available, but once could be had for $749. As far as bashers go, Arrma released the 10th anniversary limited edition Outcast in September, 500 of them produced, coming in at $599, RTR. The Tekno MT410 I am dreaming of every now and then, would be just over a thousand dollars, complete Pro-Line Badlands, some aluminum extras, and some really gnarly electronics.

As far as bang for the buck go, just over a grand for a truly bad ass Tekno monster truck, seems a way better deal than a grand and a half for an incredibly shiny drifter. Not to mention the Arrma Outcast – that’s a lot of truck for a very decent price.

Of course, I am comparing apples and oranges here, and if my wallet was deep enough, I’d probably buy the FXX 2.0 KMW in a heartbeat. Just look at that rear suspension! For all the value an Outcast or a MT410 offers, I have no place close by where I could do them justice. And I too, am a sucker for bling. However childish it is, it’s hard not to get excited by beautiful engineered aluminum parts. Babies are fascinated by shiny things, as is most of the RC community. Including me. The only difference between us and babies, is that we don’t eat the parts – we just look and touch.

For those of you out there who’s got the money to get one of these: congratulations. I am slightly envious, and mine is not to judge how you chose to spend your money. If you can afford two, you’d be most welcome to send one of them this way. For those of us that are of more humble means: never mind. When all is said and done, I will have just as fun driving my mostly plastic MST and Yokomo, as I would have driving one of these.

Nonetheless, I am now off to raise funds by selling a kidney. Wish me luck.


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