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Losing grip – Gone fishing

If you ask me, the best door is the outdoors, especially now with spring well on its way. The wood anemones have started to bloom where I live, and the birches have started to bud . Lots of reasons to go for walks with the dog. Except that I don’t have a dog.

I do, however, have a wife and kids and the best way to get my youngest daughter, age ten, to tag along is to have a dog for company. Failing that, an RC car. Seriously. Whenever I ask her if she wants to join us for a walk, she’ll immediately reply “Can we bring Snowman and Panther?” Snowman and Panther, that’s my Axial Yeti and Bomber respectively. Great cars for a walk in the woods, on trails and among rocks. Great cars for effortlessly getting kids to tag along. Great cars to bring along when my son wants to go fishing, for a break and a crawl on the rocks every now and then.

Cars, family, friends, rocks and a fire:

I cannot recommend this highly enough. Kids and cars on the trail. If you have kids, and are on the fence of getting an RC car – pull the trigger on it! The RC segment of “cars for a walk with the family” is luckily a very big one, with lots and lots to choose from. Were I to start from zero today, I would get myself a Traxxas TRX 4 sport. A reasonable price for a good looking and well proven platform, with endless possibilities for upgrades. It won’t break the bank, and parts breakage is unlikely since its top speeds is manageable – walking pace, essentially. More than that is hardly needed, to begin to enjoy this awesome hobby.

A rainy day? Well then, stay inside and do a bit of maintenance. I recently changed the front foams on my Yeti, and had a good time doing so. Much needed it was, too. Check out the camber on this one:

The camber setting isn’t as positive as it looks, but the foams were too small, and too soft, and collapsed outwards under the weight. Double Deuces they were, same as I have on all my wheels, but too small. Out they went, in with ProLines. I actually looked for a larger size Double Deuce foam (they’re great, and there’s about a zillion options), but none were in stock, while I could get hold on the Prolines with in a couple of days.

But I digress. Never mind my foams. Get out, hit the trail, bring the family, enjoy!



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