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Losing grip – Here I go again

G’day folks! One hobby, many aspects. And no, I’m not talking of all the different kinds of RC vehicles that’s out there, but of what the hobby entails for us on a personal level. Driving, wrenching, dreaming, watching, designing, writing. Maybe also photographing, video editing, sharing. For me, right now, it’s writing on the agenda. If you’re looking for technical advice and such you might want to quit reading now, but if you’re in for a classic Losing grip ramble, hang in there.

See, I’ve been part of the BigSquid International Team for almost four years and one hundred and fifty columns now. I could make a book out of it, and my mother might even read its dedication. Also, last week has been very busy at work, with no hobby time available. Finally, I have nothing new to show you. What it all sums up to is that I have to make a mountain out of a molehill. Essentially, that’s what this column has felt like for years for me.

Hobby wise, I’m a nobody, except for being the writer of this column. I lack Doug’s expertise, Jeremy’s building skills and Hemistorm’s creativity. I’m neither a particularly good drifter, nor an outstanding scale builder. I’m a guy who got lucky, and all of a sudden found himself writing for probably the biggest RC site out there. I caught the ball and ran like hell, hoping that no one would call the sham until I was established enough not to be ditched from one week to the next. So far, I’ve made it.

For the first three years, my budget was at a minimum. Lacking funds to continuously buy new things to write about, I got technical on a regular basis, and existential at times. The technical pieces I write take a lot of time to do, so I hope you enjoy them.  Speaking of it, let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to look into. About a year ago, things happened. Amain showed me some appreciation and support, and a couple of manufacturers surprisingly reached out as well. Thanks to Club5Racing, SamixRC and RC4WD!

All that support meant a lot then, still does. At times, this column and RC has felt more like work, than a hobby. And what’s the meaning with a hobby if it increases your stress levels?

In the end, I try to come back to you, the reader. I seldom get feedback, but I don’t expect any. What I hope is that this  column can be a small part of your hobby. A non essential piece that costs you nothing, and asks nothing of you in return. Another aspect of RC, that for all its useless ramblings still makes your hobby a tiny bit richer. The odd bit, that still can be found useful filling a little gap somewhere. That either inspires you to strive a little higher, or makes you relax and accept something being just good enough.

Whatever. I am rambling. If you’ve come this far, that’s part of your hobby. Weird, right? Our hobby is a rich one, go enjoy it!



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