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Losing grip – It could be the best drift RTR out there

Things are moving in the world of RC drifting! By now you cannot have missed that Redcat has surprised us all by releasing a serious contender to the drift scene. While I have been taking a break from drifting for a while now, this is a release that has me excited.

I should make a note that when I write “serious contender”, I don’t mean for the podiums (yet), but for the entry ticket to this aspect of our hobby. For reasons I’ll get into shortly, this RTR could actually prove to be the best way to get into drifting.

Drifting is a great niche of our hobby, whether you’re into just fooling around, hanging out with friends, competitive racing or serious scale. It has it all. Also, it is very user friendly – anyone can give it a try without any risk of damage to life, liberty or property.

Sure, there is a steep learning curve, but with a learning curve comes great satisfaction. Anyone can throw roost with a basher, and while awesome in its own way every now and then, I find it bereft of satisfaction in the long run. In contrast, there’s a lot of satisfaction to gain from learning how to drift. I mean, just watch The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift. Right?

In short: if you haven’t tried drifting yet, you should. I am yet to lay my hands on Redcats new offering, but as I said, I have a good feeling about it. Why?

For a starter, it doesn’t have a licensed body. I’m sure there’s a lot of different opinions about the slightly futuristic styling (Nissan 350Z model year 2036?), but one thing impossible not to like about it is that no money spent on licensing (which I’m pretty sure is expensive), means more money spent on the internal organs. Nice!

Secondly, it has all the adjustments a driver will need: camber, caster, toe, ackerman, roll center and center of gravity. That means one can start playing around with different settings without having to buy things like adjustable turnbuckles.

Third: price. At just under four hundys, it is on par on similar offerings on the market, but offers better specs. At least on paper, probably also in real life.

In conclusions: its DNA has what’s needed to make it the best option for people who want to give drifting a try without spending a fortune. I can see hobbyists getting this one, growing with it for a while, and when they are truly hooked moving on to a high end kit from Yokomo, MST or some such. Unless by then, Redcat has released a pumped up kit version to take on the big dogs. Here’s hoping for that! Go Redcat!


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