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Losing Grip – Jeremy, I accuse you!

Bullying can be a hard thing to tackle. First it might take a while just to recognize what is going on, another while to realize that it is an ongoing, systematic abuse, and then yet some more time to reach the decision to stand up for the victim. Or in this case: victims.

Being a newcomer in an established group makes it even more difficult, and that’s why I haven’t said anything up until now. But now, it is time. I’ve seen enough. No more evidence is needed. No more excuses:

Jeremy, J’accuse!

It is true that Jeremy probably lacks hostile intent, but the imbalance of power is so great that I still think bullying is the correct term. According to wikipedia, ”the behavior is often repeated and habitual. One essential prerequisite is the perception […] of an imbalance of physical […]  power ” Check.

For a long time now, Jeremy has been exploiting his physical superiority to the detriment of those lesser than him. I mean, honestly, when did you last see any evidence that he does any work on his RC cars himself? Can’t remember? Well, that’s because it doesn’t happen!

Me, I’m working hard, as can be seen here:

Or is it hardly working? What’s the difference anyway? The important thing is, that I’m doing it hardly on my own. Jeremy, he takes advantage of others. Have a look for yourself, evidence provided by the culprit himself:

Does that look like an ergonomically correct lift to you? Do you think he pays a fair wage? Do these conditions live up to the Fair Labor Standards? I bet he thinks it makes sense to pay miniature men miniature wages. If he pays them at all, that is. Maybe he just provides lots and lots of caffeine, to keep them going. Seriously, have a look at this guys manic eyes and try to deny that he is under the influence of ten cups of coffee, or worse:

Enough said. I have made my point. At Jeremy’s shop, people are literally drowning in hard work and under heavy loads:

Now you know how Jeremy can keep on putting out great builds at such a rate, and why I will never be able to match his pace. I rest my case.


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