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Losing grip – Killing it with Killerbody

Lots of things are great about the Redcat RDS, but not the body. I am very happy about that, since it keeps the price down at lets me spend that money on getting whatever body I want instead. Sure, the included body does a good job covering the chassis and it’s got magnetic body mounts to boot, but for looks? Well, not exactly Pininfarina.

When first learning to drift, it’s pretty nice with a body that can take a bit of a beating, but in the end we all want to look good, don’t we? The scale game in the drift scene is mind blowing. I know that crawling has come a very long way, but for scale realism and incredible paint jobs, drifting is king. Not agreeing? Check out some of the work of Teppei Makimoto and Vivian Grobler, and please email me at martin at if you know of a worthy contender.

It’s all pretty intimidating. My painting skills are decent, but not anywhere near the masters. Also, I am always running short on time. What then to do for my Redcat RDS? I decided to try something new, again: buying a pre-painted body. I have been impressed with Killerbody’s products before, so decided to go with their Subaru BRZ, plus a set of MST offset changeable wheels and magnetic body mounts.

Why Subaru? Looks good, and I’m driving a Subaru myself. A Forester that is, not very exciting, but thought it fun to show a bit of brand loyalty. Also, that rear spoiler is rad!

Money well spent! My Redcat has become a pleasure to look at. Just over a hundy (well, honestly a bit less, thanks Amain!) for a body is quite a bit of money, but considering how good it looks it’s a lot of bang for the buck. How they can produce such high quality at that price point is beyond me. Highly recommended.

It took a short evening getting the body mounted correctly, and then another hour sweeping out the garage. Tomorrow I’ll draft a track on the floor. Time to go sideways again!


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