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Losing grip – On wives and wheels

A couple of days ago I was found guilty of smuggling. It was a simple case for the prosecutor, who found and secured all the hard evidence needed for conviction. I had nothing for it, but to plead guilty. Sadly, it wasn’t the first time. I am a repeat offender. One more strike, and I’m out.

The contraband was four JConcept Renegades 2.6” Monster Truck tires with accompanying wheels, brought into the house by a priest, who unknowingly acted as my mule. See, a couple of weeks earlier I had ordered it to his (he’s a mate of mine) address since I didn’t have an address of my own at the time. He then brought the stuff to me on when he was over for dinner, not knowing that made him part of a smuggling operation.

I am not a prepper in general, but have a tendency to stock up on RC stuff just in case. Whenever I order something that I really do need, I think that I might as well save a bit on postage and get something that I might come in handy at some stage. Like a servo or two, some wheels, a pinion gear or three, maybe a motor. Bits and bobs, I am sure you know what I am talking about.

Also, I am sure I am not the only one out there who from time to time think it just as well not to inform my better half of everything I buy. Need to know basis, right? Better to ask forgiveness than permission, right?

Not so!

Dang! My wife found those wheels hidden behind a bag in a cupboard (no idea how they ended up there…) and boy, was I in for it! About as bad as when I bought a rifle without telling her.

Adding to the general mayhem that ensued was the fact that I had been going on about buying a new car for a while, without getting approval. In her mind, these four wheels basically meant that I had started buying a car even though it wasn’t cleared it with HQ. Not ok!

Is this pathetic? A man not allowed to get what he wants? Depends on the marriage I guess. In this case, it was a transgression of rules we have previously agreed on. No excuses. Explanation though: RC is important to me, not to my wife. Hence short term it is easier buying some things on the side, as it were. Long term: not good.

Or, as I tend to tell my kids: if you do something bad, don’t get caught. Because then I will get into trouble too.

Just kidding. Be nice. Be good. Buy RC stuff, quit smuggling. And let me know how it turned out last time you got caught: martin at


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