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Losing grip – Painting the line

Happy today folks! It’s happy days for us RC-hobbyists, the amount of kits and RTRs available is staggering. I wonder if anyone is able to keep track of them all nowadays? So many brands, so many different scales. It’s definitively beyond me.

In my little corner of the RC-universe things are slowly progressing. I work on the one build build, I lazily think of the next one, and know that I need to give my Axial Yeti a proper overhaul next time I see it.

For my Vanquish I am planning two bodies. One quick paint job just to get it going, and then a second body that I’ll put some real work into. But I’m not rushing it too much, still want to have a go at (yet) another method of doing panel lines. This time masking tape on the inside, and a brush.

Before I started with the black paint, I went over all the lines with Createx Intercept clear – basically a varnish – to seal the tape and prevent the black from bleeding in under it. Worked okay, still got some minor bleeding in a few spots. If you look carefully at the picture at the top, you’ll see it. No big deal I think, should it itch my eyes when I remove the tape, I’ll just scratch off the excess with a scalpel.

I’ve done three thin coats so far, think I will need half a dozen. I’m using my pre thinned paint that normally goes into my airbrush, so it’s actually a bit to thin for brush work. No big deal really, better a bit too thin than having it on the thick side. Wet palette and dropper bottles, that’s my preferred way of going about brush painting.

Keeping things simple, I’ll do a metallic blue and orange job of it, matching the Vanquish wheels that I’ve gotten. A basic complementary color scheme, should be pretty striking I think. For a quick brief on color matching and such, check out this column.

Next body, I’ll try doing the panel lines on the outside, using some kind of technical marker. There’s always something new to learn!



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