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Losing grip – Resuming control

Most things I read in forums, I soon forget, but a post at rccrawler from a couple of years ago still resides somewhere inside me. Reading Jeremy’s last column, I came to think of it, and I think there is a pattern forming.

First, let me quote our dear scale guy, commenting on his hauler build last week:

This build helped me get through some tough times, after loosing my Grandpa and a few other friends in a short time the Squid Rig kept my mind occupied rather then letting it get the best of me. Sometimes people need an outlet, and RC has always been mine, no matter how crazy life can get RC has helped me deal with the issues in a healthy way.

And then we’ve got the post from 2017, from a guy building a Ford F100:


Long story short, my dad owned one. He got me into rc. He passed in 2015 and this is going to help me cope by taking him with me on various rc adventures. His was an F150 ranger Lariat, brown and tan 2 tone. Nothing crazy 302 automatic… RWD. Its the first thing i ever drove when i was about 10, coming home from a camping trip in the high desert of socal. That is the configuration i want to build it in. Glasslite bed topper loaded up with camping gear. Gun racks. Coleman camping stove, tent with poles. I remember he made is own carpet kit too. He was quite the wood worker.

We also got me, planning my next build, and about to finally paint the body I started working on almost a year ago. Then covid happened, and suddenly there was no time to paint bodies anymore. Back then, I was planning for a bonkers paint scheme, but recently I have changed my mind, thinking it would be cool to do a bit of a dedication to the intensive care unit (ICU) where I work, as well as to ICUs in general. Last year has been a tough one, and it still is.

What then to write on the body? ”ICU – Losing grip”? I think not. That has been almost true, but we’re still managing. So: ”ICU ROCKS!” it will be. Nice and simple. Blue and silver, airbrush paints are ordered and will be picked up today.

Jeremy’s crawler, Shinchu’s F100, my drift body. Therapy for us, dedications people and things we hold dear and are proud of. Rather than losing grip, trying to resuming a bit of control. Having a small part of our lives where we decide, where things are in order, where problems can be solved by soldering and with a hex driver, where a better grip and stability is but a new pair of wheels away from us. In it a dream, that life will eventually continue the way it should, meeting family and friends.

Therefore, for the Axial SCX10-III build that I am slowly accumulating parts for, not only ”ICU ROCKS!”, but also a pun and an expression of hope for this year:

Take care, and see ya on the rocks!


P. S. Since I rather save and buy once, this build is progressing slowly. But I am very happy with what I’ve got so far!:

Savox SW-0250MG servos, for dig and 2-speed

Savox SW-2210SG lots and lots of turning power

Holmes Hobby Puller Pro Stubby 2700kV, also a lot of power, and should be plenty smooth too

Castle Creations Mamba Micro X, should be perfect coupled with the stubby

And then some bits and bobs. A BEC, overdrive gears for the front axle, and such. Still undecided on wheels and tires. RC4WD Dick Cepeks? Vanquish Methods? Goodyear? A winch would be awesome! As I said, great things to dwell on when life’s nuts!


To read another one, hit the link!


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