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Losing grip – turning forty

I believe this is my fortieth column, in almost as many weeks. I’ve missed two weeks I think, both of them around the time when I changed jobs and moved some ten thousand miles.  A pretty good run so far, I dare say. Who’d have thought that, a year ago? Cubby, maybe, since he was the one who first approached me, on the 21st of March 2019. How long ago it seems now, back when no one had heard of covid-19.

Anyway, with forty columns under my belt and lots of people sitting inside, I thought it might be time for a retrospective. A mini index of sorts. Not of all my columns, but of some of my favorites.

This was the very first one: BigSquid goes sideways. About what happens when a crawler takes a wrong turn, and on the geeky naming of drift cars. “Instead of robust names like Rustler, Outcast, Savage, Tenacity, Stampede, Inferno and Slash, we find FXX, YD-2, D4, RMX, TT-02, YD-2S EXIIS, PDSH and about a zillion more in the same vein. Well, there are exceptions, HPI sprint 2 drift just to name one, but you get the idea. It’s basically a foreign language. At times, it truly is. Try ドリフトパッケージ, for a starter.”

In This is what you want, I “save you a lot of time by telling you which cars you probablyb will end up choosing between. It will be either an MST RMX 2.0S, MST RRX 2.0, Yokomo YD2-EE or Yokomo YD2-S. All RWD, all with gyros, and that’s the way it should be.” Nothing much has changed since this column, so it’s still worth a read if you’re considering getting yourself a drifter.
If you haven’t checked out Pure awesomeness, you really should! It features Vivian Grobler’s amazing BMW M3 E92, that won Best Body at the D1-10 Drift World Championship 2019.

Considering what body to buy next? I always am, and sometimes the consideration is as fun as the body itself. At least I enjoyed writing about it in Getting dressed.

What is it with drifters and shiny things? In truth, they are like babies. Or should it be magpies?

Coffee? Yes, please. Drifting? Yes, please. Both? Yes, please! Well, that makes for a complete drift package, nice and easy to bring along. Get one yourself.

While my Nissan Skyline R34 is a long shot from Vivan’s BMW, it’s still pretty cool I think. Sadly, it doesn’t live with me anymore, due to severe luggage constraints.

What is caster? What is camber? How do they work, and why? An explanation is to be read in every drift blog out there, also in this one. I believe there’s some physics in this one, so reading it counts almost as studying from home. Check out why you should turn that buckle!

True scale is to be found not just in a great looking body, but also in great looking speeds, right? But just how fast is that? Are you getting up to speed?

Why is both Superman and Captain Marvel dressed in Red, Blue and Yellow? Why is the Green Goblin dressed in green and purple, with an orange lantern? Why should you consider this before you paint your next car? Why does Pro-Line have paint bundles with six different colors in them? In short, how do you chose your colors? Read, and do an educated choice next time. Or chose not to.

Is that it? No, it’s not, but I’ll leave some for another day. There are a good number of other good ones out there (says me, judging my own work…), just hit the link to browse them!

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