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Losing grip – Work in progress

G’day folks and welcome to another Losing Grip column. Except for Doug, he’s not welcome, he stole my planned subject for today! Dang. Anyway, late again, I am sorry to say, but such is the nature of hobbies. They require spare time, and when little or no spare time is acquired, hobbies are given no quarter.

What I am happy to report, is that there’s lots of hobby projects going on. In fact, my hobby to do list is so long that I have felt a dire need to upgrade my tools. This is where Doug comes in, in his last column, he mentioned that next week hes “going to put together a list of fantastic tools that no r/c monster trucker should be living without.”

It would be most ungentlemanly to write about tools, when he’s already announced that he’s about to. While refraining from a lot of text on tools, I will mention that a 10.8V screw driver is a great thing to have. Especially when coupled with some nice tool tips, saving me a lot of time and blisters. Sorry, time to leave the subject.

So, what keeps me busy? Or, rather, what would keep me busy had I had the spare time to be kept busy on? Lots of things, First, a full set of portals, knuckles and such from Samix RC. I have a lot of their stuff on my SCX10III, and am very happy to upgrade my TRX-4 in a similar way. Lots of weight, beautiful finish.

Also, especially with a 10.8V screw driver, a pleasure to work with. Staying true to my recently announced desire of standardised testing, I am doing testing both in vivo and in vitro. Both at the lab, and in life, that is.

Nuts? Perhaps. Fun? Definitively. More on this later.

Also, I’m working on yet another Jeep body. It’s a great body, and even though I like my yellow SCX10III, there’s always room for improvement.

I might add, that there’s room to improve my work space as well. As you can see, the design is a work in progress. It might be hard to believe, but I spent a long time thinking on it before finally settling on what you see in the picture. Now all that remains is nailing the size, cutting the design on my vinyl cutter, apply it, do some masking, then airbrush, peel, airbrush, peel, airbrush… At least the panel lines are done, and boy, they’re sharp.

Finally, and part of the reason I am painting another SCX10III body, is a bunch of upgrade parts from club5racing. They’re helping me to do a Pimp My Ride. Lights, fenders, rock sliders, light bar, bumpers. The lot. To top it off, I have ordered a winch from RC4WD that arrived just yesterday. I’ve never had a winch before, so that’ll be interesting.

You see, lots to keep me busy. Nice! Now only got to find some spare time to unspare.


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