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Pro-Line Prism tires

Lots Of New Tires From Pro-Line Racing

Ever pushing the envelope of maximum performance, Pro-Line has just announced a slew of new tires to help put you on top of the podium.

First up comes the Positron SC Tires in M4 and MC compounds. These should be the bomb on clay indoor tracks for short course truck racing and are priced at $29 per pair.

Second up are Prism 2.2″ Rear Buggy Tires. These come in Z3 and Z4 compounds with pricing of $16. These are a leap forward in carpet tire design using 1,260 ultra sharp, prism shaped, pins to give you maximum grip while carpet racing. Expect to see these winning a LOT of races this fall.

Third up are Wedge 2.2″ 4wd Front Tires. These are also molded out of Z3 or Z4 compounds and are designed to give your 4wd race buggy loads of front traction. The hook shaped pins result in a consistent, easy-to-drive-fast tire to help put you at the front of the pack at your local carpet track. Pricing is $18 for a pair.

Next up comes another front buggy tire, this time it is the Wedge Squared 2.2″ for 2wd buggies in Z4 compound. The Wedge Squared design is great for U.S. style carpet tracks and the new Z4 rubber compound is slightly softer for even more traction. Pricing for a pair is $16.

Another tire for indoor carpet short course truck racing is the Pin Point SC in Z4 compound. The use ultra sharp pins are placed in a sine wave pattern to give your truck more traction than the competition. Pricing comes in at $26.

For the front of your 4wd buggy Pro-Line is also now offering Pin Point 2.2″ Z4 tires. These are a bit softer than the previously released Z3 compound to give you even more grip while carpet racing. Pricing is just $16.

To finish up their new releases, Pro-Line has announced Pin Point 2.2″ Z4 rear buggy tires Previously released in Z3 compound, the Z4 version is softer and is priced at $16.

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