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LRP ANTIX 9000 Graphene LiHV Battery

LRP ANTIX 9000 Graphene LiHV Battery

Are you looking for a battery with a really long run time for your truck? If so, have a look at the new ANTIX 9000 Graphene battery from LRP. The ANTIX features a whopping 9000mAh of capacity, but better still, it is a LiHV design that can be charged up to 8.7 volts. With extra voltage on tap and insane run time, this should be a very popular battery pack for the bashing crowd.

* Up to a 3C charge rate
* Rated at a 45C discharge
* Also available in 3 or 4S cell counts
* Durable hardcase
* XH balance connector

The ANTIX 2S 9000 has a part number of #430410 and you can get full details over on LRP’s Official Website.

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