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LRP Competition LiPo batteries

LRP LiPo Competition Car Line Hardcase Batteries

LRP Competition LiPo batteries
If you want to go really fast when you bash, LiPo batteries are a necessity. Some of the latest LiPos to hit the market are from LRP. LRP has 3 new batteries in their Competition Hardcase Battery line-up.

Their new 2S 6000 is said to have the same power as higher capacity packs, but are lighter for better chassis performance. They have also announced a 1S 12th scale 6600 pack for long runtimes, and a shorty 2S 4700 for optimal weight distribution in your 10th scale off-roader. All the packs comply with IFMAR/EFRA/BRCA rules and are pending ROAR approval.

The 2S 110C/55C 6000 has a part number of #430211, the 1/12 1S 100C/50C 6600 has a part number of #430212, and the 2S 110C/55C 4700 shorty has a part number of #430214. Hit up This Link to get more information over on the official LRP website.

Get more LiPo battery information at This Link on BigSquidRC.

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