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Maclan Racing DRK 4-Pol 6600kV Brushless Motor

Maclan Racing DRK 4-Pole 6600kV Brushless Motor

For all you no-prep drag racing fanatics out there, Maclan Racing has announced the DRK 4-Pole 6600kV Brushless Motor. Designed for insane levels of raw power, the new DRK 6600 is more than ready to help you break records down at your local drag strip. Here are the highlights-

* Proprietary DRK 4-Pole Unlock firmware
* Extremely high power and with smooth transitions in the DRK stages
* 550 sized with 36mm diameter and 63mm length
* 6600kV with adjustable motor timing
* 5mm motor output shaft (optional 3.17mm motor output shaft rotor)
* Open end cap for easy access to rear bearing
* Max RPM – 75,000
* Final drive ratio between 7.9 and 8.3 is recommended

Expected to start shipping in August, the Maclan Racing DRK 4-Pole 6600kV Brushless Motor is street priced at $130 and has a part number of #MCL1072.

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