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Redcat Racing SixtyFour Magnetic Body Mount Set

Magnetic Body Mount Set for the Redcat Racing SixtyFour Lowrider

Redcat has released a new option part for its SixtyFour Lowrider. If you want an easier way to attach and remove the body on this slammed street machine, the Magnetic Body Mount Set offers just that.

While there aren’t any exposed body posts on the top-side of the SixtyFour, the body is attached to the chassis by under-side body posts and traditional clips. When paired with magnets (sold separately), this new mounting system will let you pop the body off and on without added fuss.

These mounting brackets are FDM printed and should hold up to your standard low-riding adventures. Redcat recommends using Neodymium Bar Magnets to complete this mounting setup.

Priced at $18.99, the Redcat SixtyFour Magnetic Body Mount set is available online at

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