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Make your phone a drone!

I was doing my usual ‘shopping’ on Kickstarter, and couldn’t help but see this need little design: the Phone Drone by XCraft! Designed as a simple quad frame, this drone uses a standard flight control board and couples it with your smartphone to create a self or manual flying drone for all your aerial photography needs!

Here are some of the key features:

  • Easy to use – Unlike many of the drones you see today, The PhoneDrone is as easy to use as opening an app on your phone. In fact that’s how you do it!  No drone experience necessary.
  • Affordable – You already have a camera and a computer in your pocket. Since we are just giving it wings we are able to cut out all of the things that normally make drones so expensive. Everyone has a smartphone in their pocket these days. Not everyone has a GPS Controlled flying phone that does what you tell it to do!
  • Familiar – Don’t be surprised if you experience a little Deja vu when programming your first flight mission. You might even think you accidentally opened your Google Maps app!
  • Hardware upgrades as fast as your phone does!
    Since your phone is the camera, you will never have to upgrade your drone in order to be able to capture the best video possible! When you get your new phone your drone gets a new camera!
  • Quick to action
  • Step One: Setup your PhoneDrone
  • Step Two: Open the Flight Command app, and select your type of flight (mission, follow-me, or joyride)
  • Step Three: Fold out the arms of the drone and set PhoneDrone on a smooth surface.
  • Step four: Step back, count to five, and Whooosh!
  • Control and video streaming -Easily pair to another mobile device for control and video streaming.
  • Built in charger – Charge from any USB source – or swap batteries for extended flight times.
  • A camera mirror –  Shoot straight down, forward, or anywhere in between!
  • Packable -PhoneDrone’s arms swing closed to make it ultra portable.
  • Compatible – Phone works with all popular iOS and Android smartphones.

See the Phone Drone in action in the below video!

You can get in on the components to build this neat drone for as little as $99, get one Ready-To-Fly for as low as $229, or go all out and buy three decked out, ready to fly drones for $749! See all the Phone Drone has to offer on their Kickstarter Page!

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