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March Bash-ness 2018 Round 4 – Final Four

We are down to the final four! This is a VERY important round because it’s going to crown a winner for the basher side and a winner for the crawler side. It’s been very exciting watching things unfold. The leads in round three jumped back and forth several times leaving us on the edge of our seats to see who was going to move on. Thank you to all the readers/voters that have participated all these times. Just two rounds left! We are now working to see what sort of prizes we can offer as we get to the finals.

For those few readers that are a late to the party and wondering what is going on.. here is the short version. We started off with 16 sweet bash vehicles. Eliminated 8, and moved the winners to the left side, then brought in 8 amazing crawlers! This was the twist we promised.

How does it all work? Vote for the vehicles you think should make it to the next round. That’s right, your vote ACTUALLY counts. Our readers nominated them, your votes move the vehicles to the next round! what product should move on? What vehicle just does not have what it takes to keep going? You decide!

Voting rounds are short, this round will have 3 days so you have till Friday March 30th at 10pm CST (11 EDT, 9 CDT, 8 MST) to get your votes in! As always, we WILL ban you if we catch you stuffing the ballot box. Please don’t make us do that.

The Basher side

ARRMA Kraton vs Losi Super Baja Rey

  • ARRMA Kraton (52%, 846 Votes)
  • Losi Super Baja Rey (48%, 787 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,633

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The Crawler side

Axial SCX10 vs Vaterra Ascender

  • Axial SCX10 (52%, 788 Votes)
  • Vaterra Ascender (48%, 728 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,516

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