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Mardave V12VRXcec Carbon Edition

Mardave V12VRXcec Carbon Circuit Edition

Mardave V12VRXcec Carbon Edition
Mardave is a company in the UK that makes some very affordable (and durable) cars for the racing and bashing scene. One of their latest cars is the 12th scale V12VRXcec Carbon Circuit Edition. This carries over many of the parts from their other 12th scalers, but includes carbon fiber for the chassis. Like their other 12th scale cars, it is typically run on a 1S Lipo pack. Size wise, the V12VRXcec has a width of 163mm and a wheelbase of 203mm.

Mardave cars are not distributed in the USA, but you never know when they might get picked up. Street price for the V12VRXcec is £99.95 (about $150), and they are available in the UK right now. Hit up the Mardave Website for more information.

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