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Mario Kart LIVE Home Circuit Unboxing and Review

Could this be the future of RC racing? Sit back and enjoy our unboxing of Mario Kart LIVE Home Circuit for the Nintendo Switch, as well as sort of a quick review towards the end of the video.
Years ago with thought FPV (First Person View) rc was going to eventually take off, and we’d see all these pro drivers sitting behind wheels with goggles or in front of large screens as their vehicles drove around the track. We see it in drone racing, but it never went main stream for the surface folks. We did a few test experiments back in the day, and it was awesome! That being said, we never could of imagined taking it to this next level with augmented reality obstacles, and features that actually slow down, speed up or steer your vehicle!

The whole experience is truly incredible, and if you ever get a chance to try it, we highly recommend you do! Keep in mind you are going to need some space, and while the karts work on thin carpet, it’s not ideal. A hard surface floor is the way to go if you can. We have driven the car in the office, in the house, at the neighbors, and it’s been great.

Line of site seems to be preferred for the camera to work well, when the kart is on the other side of a wall, you do tend to get some interference.

If you own a Nintendo Switch, it’s worth the purchase of the game for sure!

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Nintendo Switch Mario Kart Live Home Circuit Video

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