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MB-RC Long Travel Kit 2wd Traxxas Slash

Marton Brothers RC 2WD Slash Long Travel Suspension Kits

Do you like going epic with your 2wd Traxxas Slash? If so, have a look at the Long Travel Suspension Kits from Marton Brothers RC. These kits can be used to vastly increase the travel on your Slash, giving it the suspension needed for huge jumps, or simply to give your truck a radical new look.

* Available for the front and rear of the 2wd Slash
* Arms and towers made from CNC machined billet aluminum
* Over-sized shock towers to take a beating
* Over-sized tie-rods
* Comes with the Marton Brothers “you break it, we remake it” policy

The long travel kits have been on the market for some time, recently the Marton Brothers posted that they are getting ready to do another production run, so now is the time to get a set on order. The kits are priced at $85 for the front and $80 for the rear, hit up This Link for complete details.

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