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Max Speed Technology – FXXD-S IFS RWD Drift car

FXXD IFS what?? The name is a bit of a jumble, but I can assure the company isn’t. MST has been putting out some top shelf kits in recent years, and they do it at a pace that will make your head spin. The FXXD VIP drift car has been a very popular, but expensive rear wheel drive option from them. When the S version (for “sport” I’m assuming) came out it officially put this kit in the price range for budget minded enthusiasts to experience rear wheel drive as well. Well now they have teased a new iteration of the FXXD, the FXXD-S IFS. The IFS stands for inboard front suspension. This is similar to the way an F1 car uses a cantilever setup to move the shocks to a more convenient place. This isn’t done for aerodynamic reasons though. On a RWD drift car the front shocks often get right in the way with the extreme steering throws these cars have. The inboard mounting allows them to be up and out of the way so your front wheels are free to move to their maximum angle.

Release date will be in coming weeks.
Street price is TBA.

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