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MaxAmps 10900

MaxAmps 10900mah 2-cell 120C Lipo

MaxAmps 10900

Word from MaxAmps is they just announced the new 10900mah 2-Cell 120C LiPo battery pack. Talk about your long run times! I’m pretty sure the way we bash, most our vehicles would be broken before we ran out of juice with a 10900 pack! LOL.
It boasts the standard MaxAmps stats with 3-year 300 cycle guarantee, true 120C rating, 5C fast charge capable, and 100% waterproof! They will also add whatever connectors you want on the end, which is good since Cubby normally makes fun of my soldering skills when it comes to replacing connectors!

Check out the MaxAmps web site details and ordering info.

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Posted by in Lipo, Max Amps, New Products on Thursday, November 10th, 2011 at 4:26 pm